s2s package

Implementation of the XMPP server to server communications protocol. This depends upon the wrapper package from jabberlib an updated dns package from tcllib (post tcllib 1.7). See RFC 3920 and RFC 3921 for details of the Jabber protocols.

jcp package

The Jabber Component Protocol (JEP-0114 is used to connect components to a jabberd2 server. This is handy for writing bots and bridges. So far, ijbridge.tcl and chime.tcl use this module.

Sample applications


A jabber component that connects to a multi-user chat room and issues a timestamp message each hour on the hour. Illustrates the use of the JCP package.


Name MD5 checksums Description
tclxmppd-20041130.zip (sig) dae6f9fc9ed9d963ca6bd3c7fa37a7b0 Snapshot - 11 Nov 2004.
tclxmppd-20041213.zip (sig) ba902dc228c81cd54783245bc648fbe8 Snapshot - 13 Dec 2004.
tclxmppd-20050123.zip (sig) 547a8df6534df9273b8b1c762713a98b Snapshot - 23 Jan 2005.
tclxmppd-20050516.zip (sig) Snapshot - 16 May 2005.


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