This is a package for Tcl on Windows that gives scripts access to structured storages. This package includes a Tcl virtual filesystem to simplify the use of these composite files. There is documentation for the storage package and for the virtual filesystem.

# storage access example
set stg [storage open sample.doc r]  ;# open the structured storage
set chan [$stg open WordDocument r]  ;# open a data stream as a tcl channel
set data [read $chan]                ;# read the data
close $chan                          ;# close the tcl channel and stream
$stg close                           ;# release the structured storage

Version 1.1.0 includes some support for accessing and modifying property sets within such storages. This includes the SummaryInformation that is available for Office documents.

# tclstorage property set example.
set stg [storage open sample.doc r+]
set props [$stg propertyset "\005SummaryInformation" r+]
$props set author "$tcl_platform(user)"
$props set title  "Sample Document"
$props close
$stg close
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