ODBC driver for SQLite 3

NOTE: The primary site for the SQLite ODBC driver has begun to follow recent SQLite development once again so you should now be going to www.ch-werner.de. There is even a nice installer now.

I have updated the build files in the SQLite ODBC code to work with SQLite version 3.2.7 and above. I've also made some other modifications so that all the objects and output end up in separate directories to the source code. Below is a link to a zip file containing a pre-built sqlite3odbc.dll for Windows built using MSVC++ 6.0 and statically linked with recent versions of SQLite 3. Included in the archive are replacement makefiles for sqlite3 and sqlite3odbc and an awk file which avoids the requirement to fetch a unix sort program.

This driver has been used successfully with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Basic 6 and seems to be working fine. I have not attempted to look into the utf-8/unicode build options as these are for SQLite 2 as far as I can tell. All I have worked on is the build files.

20-Feb-2006: Updated with the current CVS for SQLite (3.3.4).

13-Apr-2008: Updated with the current CVS for SQLite (3.5.7).

sqlite-3.2.7-odbc-0.65.zip (gpg) SQLite 3.2.7 ODBC driver
sqlite-3.3.4-odbc-0.65.zip (gpg) SQLite 3.3.4 ODBC driver
sqlite-3.5.7-odbc-0.65.zip (gpg) SQLite 3.5.7 ODBC driver